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No matter how carefully you proofread and test patterns, errors do occur.
Here are the ones that have been found.

Pattern NamePattern #Error LocationCorrection
Alejandro DLQ-35 Page 4,
Table 4
First three column headers are incorrect.

Crib should be Lap,
Throw should be Twin,
Twin should be Double.

Queen/King and CA King are correct.
Chained Stars DLQ-26 Page 6
(add table to bottom of page)
Click here for Border Fabric Cutting Info table(pdf file).
Fat Quarter Fun, Trois DLQ-22 Page 1, Step 1, 1a.
Page 1, Step 1, 1b.
Page 1, Step 1, Figure 2
Page 3, Step 2, 6.
Page 3, Step 2, 7.
Change "Cut one strip" to "Cut three strips".

Change "Cut two strips" to "Cut one strip".

Replace Figure 2 with this corrected figure.

Remove the word "five" from "cut five 3 1/2".

Remove the word "five" from "cut five 3 1/2".
Double Mosaic DLQ-18 Cover Page Fabric Requirements
Page 7 Fabric Requirements
Crib Size, Fabric 2 change amount from
3/8 to 1/2.

Double Size, Fabric 2 change amount from
1 1/8 to 2 1/8.
Florentine Stars DLQ-20 Page 7 Change page number from 7 to 5.
Garden Reflection DLQ-16   Click here for errors.
Sara's Delight DLQ-7 Page 5
(Lap Size -
Suggested Block Layout)
Replace the lap size suggested block layout with this corrected layout.
Tairu DLQ-5 Page 1,
Step 3,
first line
of item 1

Page 4,
Step 6,
first line
of item 2
Replace text reading "squares of Background fabric" with "squares of Supporting fabric"

Replace text reading "Usinge remaining layered " with "Using the remaining layered"
Zandra's Choice DLQ-23   Click here for errors.