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It has been very scary the last few day with the Lilac wildfire here in Northern San Diego County. If you've been following the news, you'll know that it started late Thursday morning (12/7) and spread very quickly and devastatingly. We were notified around 9:30pm on Thursday that our home was in the voluntary evacuation area. Needless to say we gathered up everything in preparation to evacuation in case the evacuation became mandatory.

While that evacuation order has now been lifted for our home there are still many more who are still in evacuation centers because the fire is not yet contained and they live too close to or in the fire area. While we have been extremely lucky (so far) there are many others who have lost everything. There is a foundation set up in San Diego to assist those who are affected. I have already donated.

If you are so inclined (please do not feel obligated to do so if it is not within your means), you might want to check it out for yourself. If you go to and select the Disaster Preparedness & Relief - Regional (D200) the funds will go toward helping those in this time of need. We feel very fortunate that we have not been affected like so many others during this time.

Thank you for listening and may you and yours be and stay safe. Sharon


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