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Teaching and Lecturing

Lecture / Trunk Show (45-50 minutes):
  • $500 with product sales permitted.
  • Airfare or mileage (whichever is appropriate at the going Government rate) and hotel is expected.
  • I can stay with a guild member, private room and bath and no smoking or strong chemical odors (allergies to cleaning chemicals and perfumes).

Workshops (with product sales permitted):
  • $600 per 6 hour class
  • $300 per 3 hour class

Cruises / Retreats (with product sales permitted):
  • $500 per 6 hour class
  • $300 per 3 hour class
  • All airfare or mileage to and from the port(s) of embarkation and debarkation, all housing/meals, all cruise costs are expected. I can share a room with a fellow teacher, as long as she is a non-smoker and does not use scented products (allergies to perfumes).

Additional Information:
  • Student maximum: 20 per workshop
  • fee for additional students above 20 is $40 daily per person
  • I prefer at least 1 full teaching day with a lecture if air travel is required. Local guilds are exempt from this requirement.
  • Please make sure workshop registration is limited to the space available. Students will require 1/2 to one 6' banquet table for workspace (Reflection class requires one 6 ft. banquet table per student).
  • The room must have adequate electrical capacity for sewing machines and 5 - 8 irons.

I would appreciate receiving a copy of your event publicity and registration information. If you have a website, please be sure to email me the URL so I can put it on my website.

Any kit fees are paid to the instructor (either in class, or in addition to the teaching fees). These cover cost of materials in each kit, labor and fees to cut and prepare kits for the classes. Number of attendees is necessary in advance to ensure including adequate kits for the workshop. If kit fees are collected from students at time of registration, they will be paid to the instructor on the day of the class.

Thank you for considering my workshop/lecture for your event.

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